Testimonials From Customers


Email sent on June 11,2008 From a new customer MaryJo White to Mellisa Smith to Dan Kaiser at Cool Flow

  Thank you so much for giving us the name of the car repair place around the corner!!!! I didn't think people and
       places like that still existed. Daniel put in a new battery, fixed the air conditioner ( he was laughing because
       after exploring other ways to fix it, all of them costly, he discovered that 1 of the air vents squealed because
       something was caught in it so all I have to do is keep that vent closed, put in new brake pads (and fixed some
       other brake "thing"), changed the oil, rotated the tires, and the bill was only $600!!!  It would have cost 3
       time that if I had taken it to the Mercury dealer
which I had plans to do next week!  And to top it off, he was
       so friendly and explained what he had done, even showing me the rusted brake pads, etc.  I still cannot get
       over it and will certainly recommend him too. As you can tell, it does not take much to make me happy!!!

  From MaryJo White
  Sent to Mellisa Smith
  June 11, 2008 

 Thank you for your prompt service and honest estimate for the work that you have done on my 2004 Tahoe and
        2005 Lexus.  The cost of fixing a wheel axle, resetting my engine light and raplacing brakes on all 4 tires and
        saving 2 of the 4 drums on my Tahoe has saved me over $200 from what Pepboys was going to charge me!
        Also the replacement of my 2 front brakes on our Lexus also save me about another $400 from what Lexus
        was going to charge us. With a $700 savings, which I figure I was going to spend anyway because the work
        needed to be done was incredible, besides going to one shop instead to 2 and having our cars done the same
        day, I cannot tell you how much you helped us besides the honesty and friendly staff, I will be back for all my
        future vehicle repair work. I will always recommend you to my relatives and friends.

   From Christine Brown, Naperville IL at  
Email sent September 28, 2008 from Website Designer

     Thank you Dan for being so patient with the design and layout of you new website. The work that you have also
         done on my vehicle was GREAT.  You have been prompt, fair and honest. I know that I have saved some
         money on the work that you have performed for me. Years ago, I used Steve at Cool Flow Automotive and
         he too was fair and honest.  I just need to say, that Honesty and fairness does not come around often,
         especially when it comes to vehicle repair work.
I also wanted to let you know that my 2 daughters, my son
         wife and I are certainly bringing our vehicles to you for now on. Besides being a great mechanic, I thank you
         also for choosing Reverse Marketing for you website and hosting needs.

    From Carl Brown, Naperville IL  at

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